How To Get Your Best Ideas Heard

In the workplace, this often manifests as presentations to clients or internal stakeholders. How well can your team do this? If your team’s not able to communicate well, then your organization’s ability to innovate could be taking the hit. That’s why during last week’s webinar, Don’t Let Your Good Ideas Get Lost in Presentation, Mandel […]

The importance of selling your vision

As the founder of Digg it was my job to drive the product vision through design, development, and finally into the hands of our customers. As we grew in size (both traffic and headcount) it became harder to get alignment around our (6-month) product roadmap. Common office chatter: “this isn’t scalable,” “this will take months […]

How do you Create a Awesome Website

When you’ve decided that owning a website is the next step for your business, or if you’re simply interested in creating one for a personal reason, you’ll probably begin your search for the best website builder. One of the biggest problem for most of these quick online website builders. The 5 Second Rule No, I’m […]